No Pyro, No Party.

This is how you cheer on your team in Greece:

PAOK vs Olympiakos.

Holy mother of fuck, now that is pyro

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if i had a dollar for every time an adult asked me about college then i’d have enough money to pay for college

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DreamWorks has released the first five minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2

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send me a number → football edition
1: favourite team
2: favourite footballer
3: favourite national team
4: football crush
5: best player in the world
6: favourite wag
7: favourite son
8: favourite football blog
9: ugliest footballer in the world
10: sexiest footballer in the world
11: a footballer i hate
12: a football team i can't stand
13: a footballer i'd love to date
14: a footballer i'd love to be friend with
15: a footballer i'd love to watch a match with
16: a footballer i'd love to meet
17: a footballer i'd love to get drunk with
18: my top 5 footballers

(2+3/) Disney quotes that I didn’t understand as a child

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parents: okay we will be home at 11 o'clock!
clock: 11:01
me: they're dead i'm alone i need to start my orphan life now



Thank you David Moyes for getting us Mata, extending Rooney’s contract, the 3-0 Olympiakos win, and the 22 seconds of heaven in Munich.

“I don’t like the way it’s been handled, it could have been dealt with a lot better.”
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"We stick by our managers, it’s the United way, money can’t buy class"


"The irony I’m pointing out is how for the vast majority of my life I’ve been regularly told the number of City managers during the Fergie years (I believe it was 15, discounting interims), generally accompanied with the mantra that United give managers a chance. To me, this season has pointed out, as I’ve always suspected but many United fans seem to vehemently deny, that Manchester United is like any other big club- they have an underperforming manager, they fire them; they have weaknesses in the squad, they spend money to resolve them. Entirely understandable reactions, but they do come with the practical conclusion of knocking United fans off the high horse upon which they’ve been seated for the last twenty years or so."

Someone made this point on Facebook, too good not to post. Amen.

I have heard this way too many times and I just wanna say, this wasn’t a manager who got us to the Champions League final only to lose the final. Moyes wasn’t a manager who oversaw a fantastic season for the club. He wasn’t a manager who made a team consistently ending up in 5th or 6th to English Champions. In fact, he wasn’t even a manager who  could properly pre and post match interviews. Not to mention, his tactics were horrendous. He took the English champions and didn’t even qualify for the Champions League.

There is a difference between firing a manager because he didn’t win any silverware (inspite of overseeing a good season) and firing a manager because he was simply out of his depth and oversaw the worst season for the club. That is the difference between City and United, or Chelsea and United, or Real Madrid and United.


Goodbye Moysey.


Moyes just got sacked.


Ajax-legend Edwin van der Sar tells the Ajax supporters to get their shit together after some of them threw fireworks at the field and at their own goalkeeper. This happened during the KNVB-Cup final between PEC Zwolle and AFC Ajax. 

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